We are passionate about healthcare and pride ourselves on being great business builders.



We are an experienced team of investment professionals and business builders with significant operating experience and a deep network of resources. By partnering with entrepreneurial management teams, we collaborate to help grow their business so they can improve the lives of providers and patients. We invest in consumer facing healthcare platforms and often deploy our capital over time as companies progress to new stages of growth.


We believe healthcare is facing a massive transformation over the next few decades and we want to be a part of the solution for the inefficiencies and excess costs that hamper the system today. We are inspired by entrepreneurs who have committed significant time and effort to bring about positive change through improving delivery of and access to care while lowering the cost of care. We also believe there is an opportunity to create value through introducing retail concepts to improve patient experiences with providers and tapping into the ongoing trend of consumerization of healthcare.


We love growing businesses and coaching entrepreneurs so they can go on to effect long lasting positive changes in healthcare. We view our primary role in an investment as empowering our partners through supporting their every need—from refining a strategic vision to finding solutions for operational issues like selecting the appropriate IT systems that anticipate the infrastructure needs of a rapidly growing organization. We stand at the ready to leverage our experiences and resources to get involved at an operational level that many other investors avoid.


Zenith (noun) is the moment of maximum success and efficacy. We wake up every day working toward this moment and then reach for it again and again.


Our Team


The Zenyth Edge



We invest in consumer facing healthcare services companies and partner with entrepreneurial management teams. We know what success looks like in big business and we work to identify situations where we can leverage our capital, expertise, network and resources to help take emerging businesses to the next level and beyond.


We pick the race we can win. Zenyth employs a thesis-driven investment process and focuses on majority or joint control situations in new or existing platforms. We pick and choose where to make our investments based on macro and micro tailwinds and a business plan jointly crafted with our entrepreneurs.



We’re business builders with a keen understanding of investing. We seek out investment opportunities with heavy operational involvement and leverage our experience and deep network of resources to partner with first-in-class management teams in growing businesses. In every situation, we want to build the best possible business we can build and expect to fight in the trenches together with our partners to do so.

Investment Criteria


These are the kind of businesses we invest in:


Healthcare services, healthcare technology, healthcare support businesses, and consumer-oriented healthcare services

Investment Size

Typically invest up to $35 million but can invest significantly more capital for the right opportunity

company stage

New or growing platforms


Majority or minority ownership with significant corporate governance rights


Portfolio Companies