Andrew Koczo 
Vice President

Born to scientist parents in Hungary, Andrew’s family left the country to build a new life in the U.S. when he was very young.  His parents started their careers in academia and eventually moved to industry, where his mother worked as a pharmaceutical research scientist and his father as a research and development chemist. His parents were responsible for instilling in him an early love for science and a hunger to learn about the world around him. Growing up, Andrew spent most of his free time in the pool, swimming competitively through college. He earned a BA from Swarthmore College and MBA from Columbia Business School.

Andrew began his career as an investment banker and spent nearly seven years working on executing M&A transactions for clients ranging from lower middle market companies to Fortune 100 enterprises, most recently with Goldman Sachs’ Consumer Retail Healthcare Group. He joins Zenyth Partners from a private equity firm backed by one of China’s largest asset managers. After spending most of his career working with healthcare companies, it comes as no surprise that he remains surrounded by healthcare in his personal life as well with his wife, mother and sister all working in the industry.

When he is not working, Andrew can be found watching the Pittsburgh Steelers or planning his next journey abroad. Some of his favorite destinations so far have been Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, India, Lebanon, and Italy, and he hopes the list gets longer every year.  He is always in the market for recommendations on restaurants to try, music to listen to, and places to see.